Build your very own metal roof by consulting this DIY guide

You’ve decided to cut the middleman out of the construction process by installing your metal roof on your own. It’s vital that you order the correct length for the panels and screws you plan on using. This is especially true for roof transitions!

Keep in mind that all paint and finishes must be kept away from water to avoid damage. Always store your materials in a dry location. For more information, read this handy guide.

DIY Metal Roof

Order and apply your trim and flashings selections

The most popular flashing available for your metal roof is the ridge cap, which is placed at the peak of a roof. You can also order additional flashings, such as transition flashing, end wall gable flashing, and eave drips. You should determine whether your roof has a steep slope or not.

If you want to prevent water damage, insect infestations, or debris, then you need to ensure that outside closures are inserted correctly. Make sure you use the correct screw size for your roof’s ridge cap. Visit our convenient location at 630 S.E. 15th Street for more information.

For more information, read this handy guide.