C-RHEX® Cleanable, Reversible Magnetic Hex Drivers (1/4″ and 5/16″)

MSHLC Malco CRHEX Cleanable Reversible Hex Drivers 640x640 1

Malco’s popular C-RHEX Cleanable, Reversible Magnetic Hex Drivers, are now made with a new slimmer design enhancement that reduces the 1/4 in. size by 16% to gain easier access in tight spaces for ultimate flexibility and productivity. Available in 4 convenient lengths:

2 inch (Model MSHC)

Quickly change between 1/4 in. and 5/16 in. hex sizes with Malco’s unique, exclusive, dual-sided magnetic hex drivers. The reversible hex socket fits over a 1/4-inch magnet-tipped, ball locking hex shaft, and can be quickly reversed to change sizes. Eliminate troublesome buildup of metal shavings in the hex tip with the “Easy Clean Magnet”. Just swipe with a glove or shop towel to clear any metal shavings. Tested torque of the reversible hex chuck driver design is equal to one-piece drivers.